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About The Author

Dr. Dinkar Deshpande (alias Bhau)
Born in 1932 at Nasik.Obtained Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1956 from University of Pune. Joined I.I.T.Bombay in 1958.Worked in McGill University, Canada. He has supervised more tan 32 Ph.D. candidates and published about 75 scientific papers in international journals. Retired as Professor and Head, Chemistry Department and convenor of BioScience & Engineering,from I.I.T.Bombay in 1992. In 1979, he was initiated by Madhav Saraswati Maharaj. He is well familiar with touch healing techniques. He has published a biography of Swami Shrikrishna Saraswati in Marathi in Nov.2000.

----- OM TAT SAT ------

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